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  • Why am I here?

a very good question, but ultimately you are here to play drink drank drunk the game. Playing the game with friends will no doubt lead you to a better place in life..In fact, I guarantee it.

  • What is the best drinking game
    hah! good one.

  • How many people can play the online game?
    as many as you dare dream.

  • Help i'm too drunk
    Drink a pint of water and spin sweetly to sleep.
    if that doesn't help, take out your phone and send help & love messages to
    all your exes and loved ones.

  • is this just kings cup?
    No. well, I mean it has cards and it is a game and you do draw cards randomly... but this game has 200 cards and a bunch of different category cards which create unique hilarious combinations. just try it, I mean the online version is free and hey; if it were just kings cup/ring of fire i wouldn't have spent all this time working on it.

  • Can I buy this game?
    YES! click on the link at the top of the page to buy now!


  • will you make an x-rated expansion?
    we plan to yes. 

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