The cards come in 5 CATEGORIES

Action cards take action the moment

they are picked up and then discarded.

These cards can be kept secret and

used only once before being discarded.

Placed in the centre of the table,

these cards apply to everyone!
*Max of 2 in play at a time.

Placed visibly in front of

the player who drew them,
these cards weaken whoever

owns them.


Placed visibly in front of

the player who drew them.

these cards empower their owner!


Wild Cards change what they do

 depending on the Game Mode!

We also recommend you add your

own house rules or actions to these cards!


There are many ways to play

you can make up your own or,

Click below to check our some game modes!

© 2017 by Company 74 // Amsterdam 1017GM //

Game design by Felix Mulder with illustration & graphics by Kimbo Gruff, editing by Maria Martens

Awesome Font: Cardenio Modern designed by Nils Cordes