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Our story, Part 1 - the beginning

Updated: May 3, 2020

Throughout our teen years, the basement was a place of refuge for us. Picture a That 70’s

show-esque basement, haphazardly furnished with street-found sofas, decorated with average graffiti, and a recurring cast of friends - including our very own game illustrator, Kim, who dwelt there for many moons! (about 6 months).

The basement was eventually sold and tears were shed, but the memories of that great place remained (some memories more hazy than others).

The late nights and drinking games that we made up for our own amusement were at the heart of our time in the basement, and that spirit was something that Felix wanted to capture (in a small and affordable format) and bring to others.  

Felix started out by drawing over 300 cards by pencil on small blank business cards, and a board, ending up with… somewhat varied results. After figuring out the different mechanisms of the game (and an initial test run that proved to be “too successful”), Drink Drank Drunk was born! Kind of. Almost. Soon...

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