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Other Drinking games

So you wanna try some other games?
that's fine... I'm not offended,
I just cant make it to your birthday party this year.

here is a list of some of the best free to play drinking games

which you can play right now. Along with rules and spectacular ideas.


Insanely fun German team game | 2+ players 
You will need :
  • A large open area.
  • Lots of beer in cans or bottles. (Best 50cl cans)
  • A large closed 1L bottle of liquid filled halfway.
  • A ball or ball-shaped object
  • People - the more the merrier
  1. Form teams - names and jeering welcomed.
  2. Place the 1L bottle in the centre of the playing field.
  3. Teams form lines facing each-other an equal distance away from the centre bottle
  4. Teams open their beers in beer opening ritual chant and place them at their feet in front of them - This forms the team line.
  5. Teams take turns throwing the flunky ball at the centre bottle.
    1. The team who knocks the centre bottle down may chug their beers as quickly as possible until the opposing team shout stop.
    2. To shout stop : the opposing team must first put the bottle back, retrieved the flunky ball and have all their team mates back over their team line.
  6. Once a player has finished their beer they must hold it upside-down over their head before being declared "out".
  7. ​First team to have all players "out" wins!​
  8. If a player's drink is knocked down - that player must chug the drink and start again with a brand new drink.


Drinking Jenga

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