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5 best Lockdown Drinking Games You Can Even Play In A Pandemic

Dranky character wearing covid mask

The pandemic has completely changed how

we used to do the things we love. But the resilience it has shown that we are capable of is truly astounding. We are finding newer, more creative ways to do the things we love, things that until very recently, we had just one way of doing. Yay humanity!

No one can deny that drinking with your loved ones is a lot better than drinking alone: the drinking games, the slips, the burps, the stench of alcohol breath in the air the morning after, and the stomach-wrenching throw-ups the night before. What glorious disgust!

In the same vein as many other aspects of our lives affected by the quarantine and lockdown protocols, we have a list of ways you can enjoy drinking games and be lockdown-compliant.

Here are some creative ways to play drinking games even in a pandemic:

Playing drinking games on zoom during quarantine

Say it or Shot it!

The first game on our list of best lockdown drinking games is a classic. Say it or Shot it, also called truth or drink can be enjoyed over any group video call. The juicier the questions, the higher the chances of getting your friends to drink till they fall off the chair.

Players take turns asking each other juicy questions, whoever fails to answer has to drink, drank, and on and on until ultimately, they are drunk.

Online Drinking game for quarantine Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk (obviously)

Drink Drank Drunk is a hilarious fun drinking card game that can now be played virtually. The digital version is lockdown-friendly and easy to play. There's no login or sign up, just create a free room, grab some drinks, call your friends and prepare to get Drink Drank Drunk!

The digital edition even has a stack of extra cards specially made for a complete virtual experience, like the ‘cover-cam’ card: whoever pulls the card has to cover his/her cam and the last to do so drinks, there’s also the ‘quarantine blues’ card: whoever pulls this card has to share what they miss the most about life outside quarantine as everyone cheers and drinks to that- aww. What are you waiting for, create a free room to try it out now.

Online drinking party game cards

Battleship: Zoom Edition

Battleship is a game for any and every occasion. For this occasion, it is a lockdown drinking game that will have you slightly drunker than the others on this list. Get your battleship boards and take turns guessing the other player’s ship placements. You drink to every wrong guess. Good luck!

You can also play battleship virtually with your iMessage games or online battleship websites.


A fun, drunker spin on the classic ‘sing the next line’ game or ‘sing-along’ as it is commonly called. In our take on this classic, players take turns reciting the lyrics to songs a line at a time, whoever misses the next line, drinks.


In line with the pandemic status quo of finding newer ways to do the things we love. A game of charades can also be played virtually and all you need is very a strategic camera placement, a strong internet connection, a timer, and lots of alcohol. The best part about making charades a drinking game is that the drunker you get, the trickier it is to act out your clues.

To avoid the usual conundrum of ‘the clues were not good enough V. how did you not get that?’ there should be a neutral person in the zoom call who acts as both judge and timekeeper. To get the judge having fun too, the judge position should be rotated amongst all the players before each round.

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It's winter now and I don't want to go out in such gloomy, cold weather at all. Thank you for throwing in some good ideas, I would shoot a video for my channel using where in discord with friends we will play these games

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