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8 Soccer Drinking Game Ideas To Play

Fewer statements ring truer than ‘many of life’s pleasures are made more pleasurable by drinking’. The only reason it’s ‘fewer statements’ and not ‘no statements’ is because of two exceptions- driving and grandma’s funeral. Football, sorry, Soccer is definitely one of life’s many pleasures. It is a favorite activity of greater than 43% of the world’s population, and here are a few soccer drinking games to play during the game to make it even better:


The first soccer drinking game on our list is a little bit on the nose with the title, but you won’t guess how much fun you will have with this one before you give it a shot, or two #punintended.

How it works:

To play guess, players (2 or more) write down a list of 10+ possible outcomes of actions they are predicting to happen in a match. For this drinking game to work, the predicted outcome should be something likely to occur, like a particular player getting a yellow card, or what team will score first, or what player will get subbed on/off first, how many minutes will pass before the first goal is scored, etc. your only limit to having a swell time while playing this soccer drinking game is your imagination. For every item guessed correctly, other players have to take a drink, and once the other players drink on a guess, you cross it off the list.

At the end of the soccer game, players that still have uncrossed items on their list have to do a forfeit- take a shot for each of the uncrossed guesses on their list. However, this forfeit is even better in extreme mode- add up the numerical placements of the uncrossed guesses on a numbered list and take that many shots. For example, if in a list of 10 guesses, the guesses left standing are guess number 5 and guess number 3, the player will have to take 8 shots for the forfeit.


The second soccer drinking game on this list is something we like to call stakeholders. It is a game where the stakes are high and the tension is palpable.

How it works:

This is a soccer game that is not for the faint-hearted. Despite being largely unwritten, it can be a lot of fun. There are many decisions, occurrences, and incidents that occur throughout a 90-minute soccer game.

For any of these incidents, occurrences, and decisions, players stake a number on how likely it is that said incident will play out the way they predict it to, they will then throw out the challenge to another player, who has to oppose with a varying number. The player who predicts wrongly will have to drink the difference of the two numbers staked, and where both predictions differ from the outcome, both players must drink the difference of the numbers staked as forfeits in this soccer drinking game. Suggested ‘incidents, occurrences, and decisions’ to stake on:

  • The player to take a freekick after there has been a foul;

  • The team to score the first goal;

  • The player to score the first goal;

  • The outcome of a VAR check;

  • The first team to make a sub, and whatever else you can come up with.

For maximum enjoyment, make up the rules as you go, chances are, your ideas get more interesting after a few shots.


The next drinking game on our list is a foul play reward system. Welcome to the dark side of soccer drinking games.

How to play:

There are a handful of fouls to be conceded over the course of a soccer game. In foul-play, players (2 individuals or 2 groups) pick a team they support or the team that is most likely to concede the most fouls. If there is a deadlock in deciding what team to represent, rock-paper-scissors can be used to break the deadlock.

For each foul committed by your team, the other team has to take a drink. Where this drinking game is being played in a large group, you can up the stakes by drinking the sum of the jersey numbers of the players involved in the altercation.

Foul-play can also be played with the drink drank drunk cards. When your team commits a foul, you pull a card from the deck and the other team has to do whatever the card says. Read up on how to play the drink drank drunk drinking game to know how to better integrate it into a game of foul-play.

Goal-kick Roulette:

Over the course of a soccer game, there are a lot of goal kicks taken: short, long, etc, a goal kick is a goal kick. This game is best played as a game within a game with one of the other games on this list, especially with long goal kicks.

How to play:

The fun side of this drinking game is that there are no sides. When a goalkeeper takes a long goal kick, all players must drink the total amount of headers the ball takes before it touches the ground. Pretty simple right?

Choose your horses:

This is a fun soccer drinking game that can be played alone or with a group of friends.

How to play:

You select a soccer player who will be your horse for the duration of the game. Every time your horse receives the ball, you drink. To make things more interesting, whenever your horse passes the ball to another player’s horse the other player has to pull a card from the drink drank drunk deck, and the both of you have to do what the card says but hurry up! You don’t want to miss the rest of the game.

Drunk Defenders

How to play:

To play a game of drunk defenders, players split into two teams in support of the teams playing. Whenever the team you support is in possession of the ball and makes a back pass or a defensive pass, you drink. You can make up your own rules on what you deem a defensive pass.


The last soccer drinking game on the list is a little homage to the guy who runs around for over an hour without getting a piece of the action.

How to play:

Players drink every time the referee gets screen time. As straightforward as they come.

Thank you for all you do, controversies and all, refs! We all love to hate you.

Drink Drank Drunk: Soccer Mode!

We’ve saved the best soccer drinking game for last, essentially redefining the term ‘going out with a bang’. The drink drank drunk soccer mode combines 4 card categories; rule cards, power, weakness, and special cards.

How to play: The rule cards apply to every player. Draw two rule cards before the start of the game, the pair of rule cards shall last for the first half. At the start of the second half, draw a different pair.

Players can decide to use either or both of the power and weakness cards. When the team you support scores a goal, you get a power card, and when the team you support concedes, you get a weakness card.

Special cards can be won if a player makes a prediction about the game that comes true 5 minutes after the prediction is made. Players are allowed a maximum of 3 predictions per half. If the prediction doesn’t come true, drink up!

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