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Best Quarantine Drinking Games to Play During Covid Lockdown

quarantine blues games to play in covid lockdown

Are you locked up in your house from having Covid 19? Maybe one of your close friends can’t come to girl’s night. Don’t let these things get you down! You can still enjoy happy hour through a screen, and from my experience it is way better than taking shots alone.

Talking to friends through a screen is never the same as in person, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than binge watching Netflix all night. Here are 5 quarantine drinking games that you don’t need to physically be with your friends to play and let you get completely wasted.

1. Cheers to the Governor

Cheers drink drank drunk governor © Drink Drank Drunk

This game has some pretty basic rules but when you’re drunk it seems to be a lot more difficult for no reason. To start the game a player will start by saying number one and everyone will say a number trying not to say it at the same time as another player. Somehow people always mess up (people being me) and ruin the winning streak. If your teams manages to make it to 21 everyone will raise their glass and yell “Cheers to the Governor”. But if you mess up the game you have to chug your drink. See now how this quarantine drinking game gets you drunk fast?

2. Virtual Flip Cup

Do you remember the drinking game “Flip Cup” from High School? If you don’t know the game, it is pretty simple. Here are some steps in order to get set up:

1. Line up a row of drinks for each player

2. Chug as fast as you can

3. Try to flip the cups upright with your fingers

You can split up the game into teams or just play one on one I would recommend this game for anyone who has little supplies but wants to get drunk. Now this is the perfect quarantine drinking game to play and enjoy with a group big or small.

drink drank drunk digital online drinking game

3. Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk was created by a group in Amsterdam who I’m guessing have a thing for partying and drinking games… Learn from the best right? This is probably why their game is fun and its simple for people who can’t understand games like me. There is now a free version of the game online that has 200 cards to choose from and lists different actions on them. You can also buy the physical cards at for your next quarantine drinking game extravaganza if technology starts to get a little confusing once the alcohol starts to hit.

2. Truth or Drink

Truth or Dare was pretty much “the game” to play when I was in middle school. As I’ve gotten a little older, my friends and I have started to love this game all over again, except with a twist. Instead of Truth or Dare, we have discovered Truth or Drink. Tell me what is better than gossiping and drinking? Not much. Simple to play and needing no cards or equipment, players go back and forth asking questions and if someone doesn’t answer they have to drink. Thank god for the drinking option because I would have spilled way more secrets than I would like to. This game will have the drinks disappearing and maybe some of your dignity with it.

5. Never Have I Ever

never have I ever never © Drink Drank Drunk

Adding along to the list of games that we played in our childhood with a twist here is how to play “Never Have I Ever” drinking version. Players will ask their friends if they have done

something embarrassing, sexual or just funny and if no one in the game has done that the person who asked the question drinks. If someone has done it, they have to take a drink or shot. This quarantine drinking game is simple and involves zero cards, so it is super easy to play on a call.

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