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Dranky’s Definitive Guide to Hosting an Epic House Party

Hello, fellow party enthusiasts! I’m Dranky, your friendly beer bottle, and I absolutely revel in being the life of the party (and being consumed while we're at it). Today, I’m going to walk you through the art of throwing a house party that’s more legendary than the tales of pirates and their rum. And guess what? The secret sauce involves my very own invention: “Drink Drank Drunk the Game”. So pop my cap, pour a cold one, and let’s dive in!

beer for house party prep
Beers in prep for one of our oldschool basement parties (that's me on the bottom right)

The Ultimate Party Prep: Stocking Up on Supplies Like a Pro

Before the first foot or paw steps through your door, and long before I, Dranky, make my grand appearance in everyone’s hands, there’s an essential prelude to every epic house party: gathering the supplies. Think of this phase as the yeast fermentation in beer-making; it’s where the magic starts to happen. Let’s break down your go-to shopping list:

The Essentials: Liquid Joy and More

  • Craft Beers and Libations: A diverse selection to please the IPA aficionados, the lager lovers, and the non-beer drinkers among us. And let's not forget non-alcoholic options for our designated drivers and non-drinkers! You can go for all three but if you want to do the minimum make sure to ask everyone to BYOB but always remember to supply the party with at least a few crates of the cheapest beer and wine you can find along with some kind of simple cocktail to go with it!

  • Signature Cocktail Ingredients: If “Drink Drank Drunk the Game” is the star of the show, a signature cocktail is the dazzling sidekick. Picture a “Dranky’s Brewsky Pink Punch” – a delightful mix of beer, lemonade, and a splash of grenadine!

  • Water, Water, and More Water: For hydration between rounds and for the morning after. Your future self, and your guests, will thank you so keep some cups on hand by the sink!

The Munchies: Satisfying the Inevitable Cravings

  • Snack Attack Supplies: Think pretzels, chips, and dips—a holy trinity of crunch and flavor.

  • Hearty Fare: Sliders, pizzas, or a DIY taco bar. Food that’s easy to eat with one hand while I’m being enjoyed in the other.

Set the Stage for Success: Timing is Everything

To throw a party that shines brighter than a freshly polished pint glass on a summers day, start with the basics. The start time isn’t just a detail—it’s the opening act. Consider 7 PM as the golden hour; it’s post-dinner and pre-nightfall, giving guests the perfect window to arrive fashionably early but not absurdly so. Don't expect people to arrive on time, lateness if fashionable apparently and those who do arrive early are either the people you don't want to talk to or your best sibs who are already there!

Set the Tone: Ambiance is Your Brewtiful Best Friend

Basement bar and boys den in Amsterdam ready for a house party
our old basement where the magic used to happen

Picture this: soft, warm lighting that makes everyone glow like they’re in a craft beer commercial. The ambiance sets the tone, so think string lights, candles, and soft lamps. Throw in a well-crafted playlist that progresses from chill tunes to dance anthems. It’s like the perfect pour – it starts smooth and ends with a bang!

Embrace the Theme: Make it a Costume Night to Remember

people celebrating new years in an Amsterdam basement

We usually just go with the easiest theme which is "party in the year [insert current year]" but real themes usually make things more fun.

Themes can transform your living room into an alternate universe. But specificity is key—"Dank Meme Gala” or "Barbarians and librarians" beats a vague “Costume Party”. This ensures no one shows up in a bedsheet-ghost getup (unless that’s the vibe we're going for).

Party overflowing to street in Amsterdam
Parties tend to overflow onto the streets. be sure to warn/invite the neighbours!

Neighborly Love: Keep the Peace and Party On

Like the froth to your beer, good relations with the neighbors can top off your party experience. A small gesture, such as offering them a six-pack or inviting them over, can be your insurance against noise complaints. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, invite ‘em!

polaroid of guys on a couch playing Drink Drank Drunk the game. the two cards they are playing are shown at the bottom of the image.
Drink Drank Drunk at a party, good times!

Be the Star: Introducing “Drink Drank Drunk the Game”

I didn't invent “Drink Drank Drunk the Game” just to be sipped on slowly. It’s a rambunctious, hilarious, and slightly competitive drinking game that’ll have everyone cheering, laughing, and maybe forgetting their own name (responsibly, of course). It’s the life of the party, just like yours truly, Dranky. Its a great way to start and even become the party, we've even played it with 20 players before.. that got a little too crazy too quickly though so, just like my lovers, less than 20 at a time is usually a little easier to manage.

other games to go with it!

Remember that variety is the hops of life, having other games to play will give other options for guests to mingle with. Happen to have a nice back yard available? Set up a game of Flunky-ball - the physically active team drinking sport style game! Have a old set of Jenga lying around? turn it into Drinking Jenga!

Of course, what good house party would be complete without a game of beer pong?

Safeguard the Castle: Protecting Your Prized Possessions

Think of your space as a brewery – sacred and deserving of respect. Move delicate items to a safe space and choose a weather-friendly day for your bash. Rain shouldn't water down the fun or your precious IPA especially if those smokers need a place to blaze. Best tip is to lock a room in the house with all the valuables inside so that you can party with a piece of mind.

Firm but Fair: Managing the Party-Crashers

With great parties come uninvited plus-one.. or 10s. Assertiveness is key here. Channel your inner bouncer and bring your biggest friends —be firm, fair, and focused on keeping the good times rolling for the invited guests.

The Graceful Exit: Ending on a High Note

A party should be like a good beer—wonderful from start to finish, leaving people wanting just a bit more. Aim to wind down at a reasonable hour, like 2 AM or don't i don't really care what you do but 2 seems good for me. It’s late enough to have had a grand time, but early enough to prevent a morning-after scene reminiscent of a hurricane passing through a brewery.

A Toast to Your Party

So, dear comrades in celebration, here’s to you and the legendary house party you’re about to throw. May the brews be cold, the laughter loud, and “Drink Drank Drunk the Game” be the hit I know it will be. Cheers from Dranky, your most loyal party companion and don't forget to send me an invite!! 🍻

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